Give me an “A”!

By: Christina Welty

I was never a cheerleader. Perhaps it’s my lack of coordination (seriously, I won the Klutz Award at our office Christmas party!) However, I do understand the importance of cheering others on and recognizing people for the good work they’ve done.

Drawing attention to ourselves – whether as an individual or as a company – may be hard for some. We’ve been taught to be humble and not draw attention to ourselves, but let’s face it.  The workplace (and life in general) is busier than ever and we need to take the time to be our own cheerleaders. Continue reading Give me an “A”!

The Work, the Wedding and the Wardrobe

By: Kim Gordon


 When my fiancé proposed 2 years ago….I knew, from experience, that I needed time to plan a wedding.   There was no rush or hurry-up for me…..much to the dismay of my boyfriend.  When we discussed the timeframe in which to get married and I suggested two years, he said, “THAT FAR AWAY”? Continue reading The Work, the Wedding and the Wardrobe

What green beer and Goldilocks have in common

By: Shelly Sobol

 What is it about green beer and St. Patrick’s day that go hand in hand? You can’t have one without the other. You can’t celebrate the Irish holiday without your ceremonious glass and you can’t drink green beer any other day of the year- because at that point it just feels like leftovers. So when you break it all down, it’s about having things “just right”. The right glass, at the right watering hole, on the right day. Don’t believe me? Ask if this light eyed, freckled Irish lassie who lives in a college town has ever missed her annual green beer! (The answer is no)

beer Continue reading What green beer and Goldilocks have in common