Why I Don’t Quit

By: John Galligan

Now my boss may be wondering if I am indeed quitting and am writing out a resignation letter in the form of a blog….as he skips to the end to see I’ll continue on with the topic of why I don’t quit. Which I’m not doing for the record and here’s a few reasons why.

Job Satisfaction

It’s important that you like your job. Some people may say “I don’t hate it” or “it pays the bills” but ideally you want a career and if you can’t say you like it then it’s probably better for both parties that you explore other options. Obviously the type of work you do is important. Do you hate working indoors? You aren’t going to want my job. I’m a Program Manager. I have a computer and a cubicle; I have no idea if it’s raining or if my car is even still where I parked it.

Once you decide you like a certain type of work, learn it. You will excel if you understand all aspects of your job and what it entails. This will reduce stress when you know how the company works and the role you play. Once you find what you like and understand why your job is important to the company you’ll feel more comfortable and secure with what you do. Work is exactly what it’s called -work, but if you see you are part of something and the tasks are important you’ll be satisfied and you can enjoy it. Unless it’s raining and your car is gone.

“…is that rain?”


Digital Image. N.D. Web. 6 July 2014 www.photos-public-domain.com


Try to like them. I work in a place where people care about how you are doing. I can get help from every one of my co-workers and never feel like I am ruining their day. We talk at work and people talk and hang out outside of work. Everyone knows I like hockey and I have a zombie apocalypse plan (you should have one –Even the CDC thinks it’s a good idea too http://www.cdc.gov/phpr/zombies.htm ). It helps when you can have a friendly relationship with people and work towards a common goal. It helps the company and you won’t compete against each other.

Odds are we all have similar complaints but realizing that conflict is inevitable it is about how you resolve it that changes things. Work with someone and not against them. You’ll often find a resolution is easy and now going to work is more enjoyable for everyone. We are all here together and sometimes it takes something as simple as hello when you walk by or bringing in food to get to know someone you don’t normally talk to. I mean some people might not even know what you do but they will remember that one time you brought in coffee or something chocolate for forever.

“Seriously, it’s like gold.”


Digital Image. N.D. Web. 6 July 2014 www.mentalfloss.com


Who runs your company? Some people don’t know. Some people have never met them. I work 20 feet from my two owners. They care about the company and the people. They strive for excellence and to achieve it you need to lead by example. We have a positive culture here and they cultivate it by being honest and helping everyone. They treat everyone well and as a person. They realize that when they are hiring someone they are making an investment just like the person is by learning a new job or skill. They know to give you the tools you need for success. They know if you make a mistake it will be corrected and they remember that time you put out the fire in the toaster oven so they don’t get that mad about it. The point is that it is their company and it will succeed or fail based on the decisions they make so they are always ready to help. Also don’t leave the oven on with food in it and walk away. You’ll burn the whole building down and then everyone is out of a job.

I find that my job gets better the more I try to help the company and not just myself.  The reason I don’t look for other employment is because you will be hard pressed to find a job that you like doing, like the people you work with and have owners who truly care about their employees. If you don’t have these try to incorporate some activities where you get to know the people you work with. Celebrate successes and don’t let others fail when you can help. It has to start somewhere so enjoy what you do and make an effort to have fun doing it because it’s only a matter of time before the zombies show up.


Digital Image. N.D. Web. 6 July 2014 www.scenicreflections.com


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