From Superhero to Superstar

By: Kim Barclay

Paper?  What is paper? How did we survive before computers, the internet and email?

Life can be frustrating.  For one, my car has been in the shop for way too long.  Second, my bad karma has followed me to my office where our office as conducting server maintenance.  This means that access to the internet and email can be sporadic..  Our IT director came around to everyone this morning and asked our whole office to log off our computers, and then told us it might take up to 45 minutes until we could log back on to the network.  Holy Interrupted Internet, Batman!  How am I supposed to work without a computer and the internet?

Photo for Kims July blogAt least that is what everyone else is asking themselves.  I, on the
other hand, I am one of “those” people who like paper and still use it.  I like to hold a book.  A real book, with paper pages and a cover.  I have paper all over my desk, to the dismay of my boss.  So when people in my office were cleaning desks and shelves, looking for something to do while our network server was being upgraded,  I was still able to work; because paper will never fail you.

I had a business credit card statement I needed to turn in and I had paper receipts to include.  I had contracts I reviewed, because I printed them out on paper.  I had phone calls I could return, because I wrote them down on a paper log.   Although, I have succumbed to having the majority of things kept electronically, I do obtain and keep a significant amount on paper.  The battery will never die and the server will never go down on paper!

The next time you are going through the important things in your home and work environment, think to yourself, “If the computers crash, would I need to have access to this?”  Paper is not a sin; it keeps your wheels moving.


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