Catch More Bees with Honey, You Will, Young Padawan

By:  Kim Barclay

On almost a daily basis, we experience negativity on some level; on the news, interactions with clients or customers and with your family and friends.  It’s a part of life….it’s everywhere.   We tend to hear and react more about the bad and negative things than we do the good things.  I have a great story to share that reiterates that having a good experience not only makes one happy, but also sharing a positive experience with others, creates a wonderful chain reaction. 

My brother’s big “4-0” birthday is soon and he lives in a very small town 6 hours away.  The town he and his family live in really doesn’t have a party or event service and they only have one florist that delivers.  My brother would HATE it if I sent him flowers for his big birthday!  I called around the surrounding larger cities, but they don’t deliver to where my brother resides.  I ended up calling the lone florist, and explained my crisis.   They were so friendly and helped me figure out what we could possibly do for my brother’s big day.  The lady I spoke with was business partners with someone who made confections.  She offered to order special balloons and even went to a store to purchase a special birthday card and a 6 pack of libations to put along with the chocolate birthday “pizza” and the special chocolate ‘40’ that the confectioner is making.  Talk about GREAT customer service!  I was so relieved and so happy I was able to do something amazing and fun for my brother.  I am so grateful for the small, local business and how they helped me.  I will be a customer for life!

This story illustrates that almost everything revolves around customer service, whether it be with a personal experience or the professional experience you are giving to your clients, members and customers.  Never EVER underestimate the power of being nice and helpful.  And give guidance to those who don’t seem to know it or understand it.  A little effort goes a long, long way!


Photo courtesy of Arcadia Sweet Boutique


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