I took a Strength Finder Test and This is What I Found Out…

By: Shelly Sobol

I’ve been discussing with my manager lately about really pinpointing my strengths and areas of improvement to really help develop them better. So I set off to take a strength finder test to determine what someone else saw I was excelling at. I thought I could anticipate my strengths… I was more than a little off!

According to Richard Step’s free test my top five strengths are:
Teamwork, Ambition, Optimism, Faith and Communication

What I wasn’t expecting was to see my biggest weakness: salesmanship!

I was absolutely shocked! I’ve had friends and colleagues compliment me over the years in that I could “sell snow to an eskimo”.  I thought about the fact that I could turn that light switch mode on and win over disgruntled clients, meet with members and let them feel positive that myself and my organization would be able to assist them, and meet with board members and remind them about the quality of service Partners brings to them.

But then what?

 You can’t leave electricity burning forever. Eventually you have to shut it off, let it regenerate so that it can shine bright again.


If I’m not meeting with clients then I’m usually more reserved in nature than I am when I’m on a convention floor. It’s not that I’m being fake, it’s not that I don’t like people… it’s quite the opposite. I personally find that performing at that level of customer service and engagement, a level my company commends me for, is at times exhausting. Therefore when I have the opportunity, I turn off the light switch, so when that time comes around again, I’m ready to speak on behalf of Partners or it’s clients with a bright smile and refreshed enthusiasm.

When you have 5-10 minutes, I’d recommend taking this test. Did you get the results you were anticipating or did you learn something new about yourself?


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