Time for Spring Cleaning!

By: Amanda Carey

An organized, clean workspace can make a difference on how you perform at work throughout the day.  It’s that time of year again to open your windows, let the fresh air in, and de-clutter your space, whether that’s at home or at work.  There is research to support that when your environment is clean and organized you are more likely to perform better and generally be in a better mood because of it!  You can find more information on how clutter correlates to mood on this article (http://stress.about.com/od/lowstresslifestyle/a/clutter.htm).  To help you feel spring fresh and energized in your work environment here are 4 ways to get the most out of your spring cleaning!

  1. File unnecessary paperwork filling up your desk. It’s hard to focus your attention on one specific task when you have 50 sheets of 001paper just staring at you to get completed. Make folders and label them in order of importance or category and keep somewhere that you can check regularly and will not forget about.  You are not trying to push off work, just temporarily store it until you are ready for it.
  1. Keep cleaning wipes nearby to remove excess dust and debris from your work space. Although you may not be fortunate enough to have a window nearby to let the dust out, it’s good to be able to breathe in clean air not stuffy dusty air.  Allergy season is synonymous with spring and it’s important to keep allergens to a minimum with good housekeeping and cleaning aides!
  1. Clean out your spare change! You may not want to give into this suggestion; however, it’s for a good cause! Our company’s social committee is hosting a weeklong event that encourages employees to clean out their spare change from their cars, homes, desk, etc. to donate to charity!  Everyone’s change will add up to a solid contribution!
  1. Our office has also started a program relieving us of all those loose paper clips, binder clips, and pens to a communal source to give and take as needed. This has alleviated the need to continuously purchase new supplies and just recycle what we already have! This saves money, resources, and spares your desk of clutter!


A clean home, car, and office can boost your mood and ultimately affect your work performance.  If you clean for an extended period of time, it also qualifies as a workout! This can be your second chance at that New Year’s resolution!


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