Glass Slippers and Branding

By: Shelly Sobol

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away….

While the actual stories have changed from the time we were children, the idea of storytelling hasn’t. We tell stories to make sense of the changing world around us and to remind the listener of shared values (or values you want to instill upon them). You can use these same storytelling skills when determining a branding plan for your professional image. My goal today, is to share how to brand your organization by storytelling, and telling those stories through images (versus text/infographics/video or other mediums). 

I’ve had the pleasure of recently attending presentations by Betsy Couch through local association groups and our shared sorority connection. She does a wonderful presentation on branding and how and more importantly why to having a branding plan.

Whether it’s your personal Instagram or your company’s Twitter page, you must create and cultivate a consistent theme to promote your brand. You get to determine what your niche and theme are, but once you have developed them, really use those words and concepts to drive your plan. If you truly follow what you tell people about yourself, you’re building your credibility in that arena.

“A lack of realism in the vision today, costs credibility tomorrow” – John C. Maxwell

IMG_0953Intel has a Instagram page that is a prime example. Their bio listed on their page simply states “Look Inside” which is their most recent tag line. But their images are actually a “look inside” of the company and what they produce. They share everything from close up images of their processors, conferences that they’re attending or showcasing at and individuals working on new information systems. They have even included photographs from outer space, where their technology was included on the Hubble Telescope. All of these images support their brand mission (at least on this social media page).

So, are you feeling uncreative or unsure where to start your image based branding initiative? Try snapping these for your business/professional pages:

  • Event preparation – Whether it’s stuffing packets, packing cars or setting out signage, get guests EXCITED about your upcoming event.
  • Employees- Introduce new staff members, share accolades from the community, and promote office events. Viewers love to meet the people who help them. (Just be sure you have employee approval prior to posting).
  • Travel plans– Do you live in Tallahassee and have someone representing you in California? Share with viewers how far reaching your presence is and how you’re working for them.
  • All about location – Share marketing materials, where you’re advertising or where people can find you.


The goal is to get people excited about your organization by telling a consistent story that falls in line with your company goals. Every time you post, ask yourself if an image supports your online brand. If it doesn’t, don’t post it and instead find one that does!

Glass slippers are synonymous with Cinderella, but what is synonymous with your online persona? Better yet, is that what you want it to be?

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