You Can Reach Me On My….

By: John Galligan

Communication seems like an easy task. We do it every day and we do it in many different ways. On the outside it seems easy but when we are trying to be organized and reach out to many different people is where it can get tricky.

I work on several industry publications in my job role and they all have some basic formats that are the same. They have advertising and editorial content. When we collect this information it is gathered from many different people who communicate differently.


I find that some steps can help you keep track of whom and how to reach people.

1. Create a contact list. You know who it is that you have to reach but you should have any other data in there as well. Did that person CC anyone on their last email exchange with you? Did you speak with them but someone else sent over what you needed? Keeping track of not just one person but their team will help you reach your goal. Someone may be traveling or roles may have changed so having another person to reach is invaluable to getting what you need in a timely manner.

2. Create folders with their information. Something as simple as grouping can help make sure that you respond to the latest email or have the correct billing information. Keeping everything together lets you have all interaction in one spot so it is easy to confirm any information they may need or help you go back and check your responsibilities.

3. When you are speaking with someone on the phone if you can confirm/agree on what you are discussing that is great. Sending an email to confirm and make sure you are both on the same page is even better. Sending an email with what you need and a deadline is ideal because it lets everyone involved see what the plan is and how it needs to be completed. It also is valuable because you can refer to it if there are ever any misunderstandings either before or after something is to be completed.



Below is a link with some easy ideas you can incorporate right away to help get your emails in order. This is great because it is efficient and lets you plan and keep track of what everyone is doing.

However you reach out to someone; phone, email, text, social media or in person, try to develop a way to keep track of how and who you talked to. With all the ways to receive information it is easy to overlook something or forget who you spoke to or emailed. Keeping an open channel of communication is key to making sure you and who you are working with both are on the same page. Or email. Or phone call. Or…


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