Tallahassee – An Association Haven

By: Beth Evarts

Tallahassee is the capital of the State of Florida.  Tallahassee is the 126th largest city in the United States.  Tallahassee is known for rolling hills, oak-canopied roads, plantation homes, and genuine Southern hospitality. It also is home to Florida State University, Florida A&M University and, of course, Florida’s Legislature.

One of the city’s claims to fame is also its sizeable presence of associations and nonprofit organizations. Tallahassee has over 500 local, state, regional and national associations with headquarters operations employing over 6,000 direct employees. Our firm works daily on a behalf of a good number of those organizations.

When one thinks of “association meccas” it is usually Washington, D.C. or Chicago, now the secret is out.  One of the unique things about our community is the focus on workforce culture and innovation. This has fostered growing interest in our “small town.” You can see more about our quality of life in Tallahassee at http://taledc.com/about-our-region/ratings-rankings/

Several of our local businesses in Tallahassee recently had their employees participate in the Best Companies process which is sponsored by Florida Trend Magazine. Many states have a similar program.   Topics covered on this survey included workplace polices, employee satisfaction, work environment, training, pay and benefits just to name a few.  The end result this year is that six Tallahassee companies were recognized in the August 2015 rankings.   We were very proud to be one of the six companies.

Partners in Association Management has been operating for 18 years.  We are a smaller office with a total team of thirty four people. As a team you could say we are a strong family who work together day in and day out to serve associations and nonprofits.

Working daily to support a cause, in our case moving an industry or profession forward, has ripple effects on our workforce culture as we know the work we do is serving a broader good. You can see more about the impact of associations on our society at http://www.thepowerofa.org/


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