What’s Your Marketing Strategy?

By: Ricki Sexton

Why do we love jingles, and slogans, and catchy advertising?  Because somewhere, in that mystery building “somewhere”, there is a person who is designing campaigns that draw us into them, over and over, for years. Coca-Cola has been in business since 1892.  In 123 years, there has been numerous marketing campaigns.   Whether you are a Coke or Pepsi drinker, the branding of the white Polar Bear “Always Coca Cola” stands out in your mind, if you’ve watched any TV in the last 20 years. Why?  Marketing genius.  What makes for a successful marketing strategy?  Karen Klein offers up these top strategies to market your product: Six Tips for Launching New Products

  • Ask your top customers to test it.20150916_151315
  • Gather up some new publicity.
  • Develop a marketing and advertising plan.
  • Sell to existing customers first.
  • Ask early users for reviews.
  • Look for the next big thing.

Something I have found to be very helpful in marketing is to also know your audience, who you are targeting and the best time to reach them. Targeting a younger audience at 2 in the afternoon by advertising on television may not be the best plan as many 20-somethings are going to be at work or school.

PSS_square_revisedDuring the past year, we developed a new consulting division called Partners Strategic Solutions (PS2).  We have marketed this new division in many of the above mentioned ways including knowing and targeting our potential clients, and asking what we could do for them, and what their needs were.  Currently, PS2 is offering the following services: Strategic Planning, Operation Efficiencies, Board Training, Staff Development, and Change Management. To date, we have been successful in our marketing strategies.

A product, and its success are only as good as its marketing plan.  A well thought out, organized and clear marketing plan, combined with a great product, will always gain the best return!   What creative tips and tricks have you used in the past to launch a new product or service?  How did you implement it?


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