Shoulders Back and Breathe

By: Meghan Brasher

Some days can be more stressful than others in the office.  Your shoulders seem a little tense and your coffee seems a little less potent. As you sit down at your desk your day begins: make more coffee, check your email and all the sudden… all of the tasks that you pushed off until today come flooding back to you. You wonder, “how am I going to get this all done today”? Although many of us have become accustomed to functioning with the low levels of serotonin that stress soaks up, how productive are we really if we aren’t correctly managing our stress? Here are some tips for making your work week more productive and stress free. Continue reading “Shoulders Back and Breathe”

How to Utilize In-House Resources

By: John Galligan

Work Resources. What is the first thing you think of when someone asks “Do you have the resources you need for this project?” Many of us think of the basics like our computer and databases. Some think, do I have the contacts I need in order to complete this, like a designer or printer? Obviously there are many factors in completing a project but one thing we often overlook is our coworkers.

No, not just the ones who might be working on the project but everyone in the office is a resource. Continue reading “How to Utilize In-House Resources”


By: Jillian Heddaeus, CMP, IOM

Each day I transition back and forth from being a coach, athlete and business professional.  While each comes with its own set of goals, tasks and challenges; the process used to work through them is the same.  As an athlete and coach, I want to WIN; as a business professional, I want SUCCESS. Below are three principles to use to help your team achieve success. Continue reading “THREE PRINCIPLES ATHLETES CAN TEACH BUSINESS LEADERS”

Certification Is Current

By: Danielle Jessup

Do you have a vested interest in enhancing your skills and advancing in the association industry?  Just as other industries require a license, the association industry has a handful of certifications to allow you to demonstrate a firm understanding of industry standards and possess the ability to put them into practice.  These two certifications are specific to our industry and could be beneficial to your career: Continue reading “Certification Is Current”

Voice Calls – Still Happening and Still Important

By: Eric Thorn

321In today’s business world we all communicate a great deal by email, text and through numerous other popular electronic platforms.  It’s not news anymore, especially for those under 30, that even on our personal time we use cell phones more for text and email than for voice calls.  Unless the zombie apocalypse takes down the grid, it doesn’t seem that our communicating with text, tweets, snapchat, WhatsApp, WeChat, etc. will be going anywhere anytime soon. And that’s good because there are several benefits of all these types of communication in both business and personal settings.

However, even though we are not calling people as often, phone calls are still a very important business tool.  Sometimes a confusing text, questions about the sender’s intent or a complicated situation make picking up the phone the best option.  It’s amazing how often a quick conversation can clear things up.

We all know how to text, but do we still remember how to use a phone for talking?  Continue reading “Voice Calls – Still Happening and Still Important”