By: Jillian Heddaeus, CMP, IOM

Each day I transition back and forth from being a coach, athlete and business professional.  While each comes with its own set of goals, tasks and challenges; the process used to work through them is the same.  As an athlete and coach, I want to WIN; as a business professional, I want SUCCESS. Below are three principles to use to help your team achieve success.

  1. Keep Your Head in the Game – Elite athletes are able to block out tremendous distractions under pressure. Distractions can arise during both preparation and performance for competitions as well as daily challenges in your professional career. It is important to keep your team focused on the task at hand and the end goal.
  2. Work On Weaknesses – As a leader or elite athlete you want to succeed. As humans we are quick to point out our strengths, but not our weaknesses.  As important as your individual or teams strengths are, it is likely that your weaknesses are keeping you and your team from getting to the next level.  Take the time to do research on your areas of weakness.  Attend professional development opportunities on these topics to broaden your knowledge.  Practice makes permanent and as the saying goes, a team is only as strong as their weakest player.
  3. Rebound – Not all races go as planned. Whether the challenges were in or out of your control, you must rebound.  Use the time before your next performance to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses and get back on the line. This Forbes article talks about how to get over the fear of failure and how athletes have something to share.

All in all, stay focused on the goal. Be prepared to step outside of your comfort zone to better prepare yourself for the challenge and always look to ways you can better prepare yourself and your team in the future.

Photo credit: Herb Wills



  1. I really enjoyed this, Jillian. It really is incredible how incorporating athletic training into our lives can help us align our focus.

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