Shoulders Back and Breathe

By: Meghan Brasher

Some days can be more stressful than others in the office.  Your shoulders seem a little tense and your coffee seems a little less potent. As you sit down at your desk your day begins: make more coffee, check your email and all the sudden… all of the tasks that you pushed off until today come flooding back to you. You wonder, “how am I going to get this all done today”? Although many of us have become accustomed to functioning with the low levels of serotonin that stress soaks up, how productive are we really if we aren’t correctly managing our stress? Here are some tips for making your work week more productive and stress free.

antibLeave your problems at the door. Whether it is the kids, money, the house, pets, significant other, etc. we all bring it to work with us. STOP! At the start of the day, try to check your personal problems at the door- this wears your mind down, keeping your from being sharp where it matters most, i.e., your job!

Start a routine. Although every day is different, giving yourself a minor routine keeps your day in check. Wake up, brush your teeth, make your breakfast, get dressed, and come to work, right? So make yourself a work routine- it keeps your “minor tasks” (like email and filing) down to a minimum, and helps to keep you from stressing the small stuff! Plus it will allow you to properly prioritize your day.

Take a Break! This time is given to us to have some personal space and to get a break from our work! Although some days it seems as though we “just don’t have time” for a break and we work through it. NOT GOOD. Take your break! Even if you have already eaten your lunch: take a walk or go sit in your car. Whatever you do, take a step back from your work, turn off your computer screen, and take a moment to recharge your batteries!

Remember: Shoulders back and breathe. There are going to be days when you just feel like none of the above tips are working and there is nothing you can do about avoiding them. When they happen, sit up straight in your chair, head and neck aligned with the spine, (no slouching in your comfortable office chair!) roll your shoulders back, and just breathe.  Breathing is a very important factor in stress relief. It relaxes all your tense muscles and keeps your brain from becoming overwhelmed.

We all catch ourselves overloading our days with piles of work too many social and personal obligations, and the result always ends up the same….we’re maxed out! Our brain goes into overdrive and then things get hazy.  In order to maintain a balanced and productive work life, make sure you are taking the necessary steps to keeping yourself stress free. Just remember: shoulders back and breathe.


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