Holidays and Sales…what do they have in common??

By: Lisa Kamper

It’s that time of year (the holidays) when we are all a little more stressed than normal. I have learned that handling the holidays can be much like making a sales call.

Here are 5 quick tips to de-stress sales calls:

  1. Wear your best smile, both for in-person sales calls and telephone sales calls. Even though people cannot see you over the phone they can, believe it or not; hear if you have a smile on your face.
  2. Always remember to provide the best customer service. Making the sale is not always the most important thing. The potential client may not need to place an ad but they may need assistance with locating some industry data. Help them in any way possible.
  3. Know your customer, their company and their needs.
  4. Set goals and always aim to exceed them.
  5. Relax, be yourself and remember it takes time to build relationships.

Here are 5 easy tips to de-stress your holidays:Make Ahead Dessert_Blog

  1. Make easy appetizers ahead of time if you’re having a lot of guests.
  2. Plan fun interactive games that will entice communication among the guests who don’t know each other.
  3. Decorate early so you’re not rushed at the last minute.
  4. Use description cards in front of all yourDescription Card_Blogdishes; this will help you from having to repeat several times what the dish is and what’s in it.
  5. Most important thing is to stay in the “NOW”, don’t think about what you have to do tomorrow or about cleaning up afterwards, and enjoy your friends and family.

These simple reminders will make sales calls and the holidays much easier and will relieve much of the stress that goes with both.


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