Spreading Holiday Cheer

By: Danielle Jessup, CMP

Holidays are a great time to show others that you care.  Whether you manage an organization of 40 members or 4,000 members, it is important to remember them during the holiday season.  We live in a world where people communicate in characters through text and emails, which are instantaneous.  Weekly, if not daily, your members are receiving emails from the association, asking them for assistance, sponsorships, etc.  To receive a note in your mailbox that doesn’t ask for anything, but instead thanks them for their hard work throughout the year and wishing them and their families a happy holiday, is a refreshing surprise. 

I know you’re probably thinking, I don’t have time to handwrite hundreds or thousands of holiday cards.  An easy trick is to set up the holiday card text in WORD and print directly onto blank cards.  If you have the time to personally sign each one that would be a nice touch.  You can use your organization cards or purchase holiday cards with blank space inside.

Image courtesy of phaseinphoto at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Although you may not be able to personally hand-write a card to each member, you should prepare hand-written cards to your board members and committee members.  These are the individuals that you work with on a daily basis and help the organization achieve its success.

Another group you should not leave out is those vendor companies who support the association year after year.  It may be your platinum sponsors or it may be a company who constantly provides speaking services, etc. for your membership.

When preparing to send holiday cards, make sure to get them out early.  It is better for them to be delivered prior to the holiday so they can be displayed in their office, rather than them getting lost in the holiday shuffle.

Dear reader,

I wish you a wonderful holiday season and a sincere thank you for taking the time to read my blog.  May your New Year begin on a prosperous note.


Danielle Jessup



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