3 Leadership Tips from the North Pole

By: Shelly Joines

Santa has a BIG job. Millions of children around the globe look forward to one night (or morning) depending on your traditions, to see what Santa has in store for them. Year in and year out, Santa seems to get it right. Do you ever remember reading the news after the holiday season, that Santa had a bad outing? Nope, didn’t think so!

How does he pull that off so consistently? Santa is one person… there must be more to the story. Maybe he has a team of people involved!

Reindeer Team 9 (Board Members)

123.jpgOf the thousands of reindeer who presumably call the North Pole ‘home’, why were those 9 selected? Answer: They each bring something unique to the table and share a common mission and vision for the evening. Call them reindeer or board members if you like; without their drive to move the sleigh forward, house by house, the evening would be a bust. Whether your board is small or large- invest the time and resources to get the right individuals to participate in moving your industry into the future.

It’s Not the Size of the Elf (Committees)

While they are little, they can make BIG changes. Get your elves involved in the decision making Capture1discussions in as many projects as you can. Your elves, or in this case “holiday” committee members, can provide insight or roadblocks to making things merry and bright. Commit to helping remove those barriers where you can to improve efficiency and approach. Regular check-ups with these individuals can inform you about issues members are having and their help could offer a creative solution.

Bicycles and Drones (Eager Members)

Years ago, the elves had it easy when painting a new bicycle and adding a bow was all they had to do (unless you’re my parents and had to hide a new swing set in the backyard with concrete- and explain to your kid why they couldn’t go outside while it was drying). Now, the busy elves spend the year feverishly creating new tech toys to meet the growing demands and intellect of their members… err, we mean the children!

Every year, survey your membership to see if you are delivering toys (member benefits) that they want and need.


It clearly takes a village to pull off the feat of a one night celebration… or to move your association forward another year. Gathering the right team and giving them tools and a clear mission will propel the proverbial sleigh forward- landing a win for everyone.

From our village to yours- we wish you all a wonderful holiday season and a Happy New Year.


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