The Big Two-Oh Glow: 20th Anniversary Highlights

By: Shelly Joines

Twenty eighteen marks the twentieth anniversary of Partners in Association Management- a small business started by two colleagues in 1998 in Tallahassee, FL. As we kick off a year of celebrations we hope you join us through the story telling, memories and plans for the future.


Through this blog, which is entering its 5th year, we hope to share a number of things. First you may notice a new design and layout. With a renewed focus on our intention of sharing teachable lessons, we’ve completed a redesign of this site. The more modern site you see today reflects Partners’ brand triangle and our goal to distribute innovative, verified systems with room to grow!

We are also excited to share monthly features on some of our clients who range from our longest term clients, to unique trades, and how we have weathered some storms together with them (figuratively and literally- this is Florida after all). These clients vary from state and regional associations to national associations with members in a multitude of countries. Our first feature was shared last month on this unique association which has found ways to thrive in Florida.

As any growing company, we’ve had our shares of ‘facelifts’ throughout the years from small offices, downtown addresses, to bigger spaces on the north side of town- all the way to our recently expanded current home that we’ve been at for over ten years! It has grown from a business of 2 employees to a full time equivalent staff of over 30.

 PicMonkey CollageWe hope you participate with us during this year of celebrations. With some exciting surprises up our sleeves you never know WHO may show up to WHAT! Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter as well for educational industry and business related articles, participation in local events and client highlights.

We also plan this year to share our unique business experiences using #AssociationLife as our avenue of connection via Twitter. From board meetings and strategic planning, annual conferences and daily membership maintenance – we want to be able to help answer the question we so often hear of “what does an association management company DO”?






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