How to Attract Millennials

By: Justin Mischler

Social Media platforms are the quickest and easiest way for people searching for employment to get a sneak peek of what your company is about. With this new wave of technology and the convenience of doing everyday tasks online from the comfort of your home, it is extremely important for companies to make an impression through their social media platforms.

As a millennial, I understand what our generation is looking for in terms of content, design, and overall attractiveness within a company website. Roughly 88% of 18-29 year olds use some kind of social media platform. This number shouldn’t be surprising to most, but this presents a challenge because this demographic is constantly using social media to inform them of the world around them.


I want to give some tips and tricks on how a business can attract millennials and win the battle of “judging a book by its cover.” Facebook and LinkedIn are two major social media platforms that this generation will rely on to get informed and make a judgement on whether or not this company has a good reputation and will be worth exploring.

LinkedIn is a very formal and informative platform. Businesses will want to be as straightforward as possible on their company’s page. A mission statement, company objectives, and a brief history of the company can go a long way in helping explain what the work environment is like. Millennials strictly use LinkedIn for networking, researching businesses, and sharing occupational successes, so companies will want to do the same. On LinkedIn, the more straightforward you are the better.

Facebook, on the other hand, is where millennials will go to learn about the corporate culture of the company they are interested in. A company will still want to have its mission statement and objectives on there, but also display posts and pictures about their employees, community involvement, and other fun activities the business holds. A Facebook page is all about making the business look as attractive as possible and leaving a first impression that won’t be forgotten.

Millennials are a very different generation to attract to your business because of the way they gather information. It is difficult to win over potential candidates when you rely on your social media platform to do the trick. But with an understanding of what this generation is looking for and a few successful platforms, companies will be able to attract many well-educated and qualified employees.

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