ADA Accommodations and You

By: Deborah Caldwell

Imagine this; you have a certification exam planned for next week which has been on the schedule for over a year. The application deadline has passed, confirmation letters have been sent out, and the test administrator/proctor has been arranged. Everything is set. Then you receive a call from one of the candidates stating that they require extended time and need to test in a separate room due to a learning disability. That means reserving additional space and finding another test administrator/proctor. Again, there is less than a week from the exam date… what do you do? Continue reading “ADA Accommodations and You”

Voice Calls – Still Happening and Still Important

By: Eric Thorn

321In today’s business world we all communicate a great deal by email, text and through numerous other popular electronic platforms.  It’s not news anymore, especially for those under 30, that even on our personal time we use cell phones more for text and email than for voice calls.  Unless the zombie apocalypse takes down the grid, it doesn’t seem that our communicating with text, tweets, snapchat, WhatsApp, WeChat, etc. will be going anywhere anytime soon. And that’s good because there are several benefits of all these types of communication in both business and personal settings.

However, even though we are not calling people as often, phone calls are still a very important business tool.  Sometimes a confusing text, questions about the sender’s intent or a complicated situation make picking up the phone the best option.  It’s amazing how often a quick conversation can clear things up.

We all know how to text, but do we still remember how to use a phone for talking?  Continue reading “Voice Calls – Still Happening and Still Important”

Sales Statistics You Can’t Miss

By: Maureen Turner

I recently attended the Florida Society of Association Executives ( annual convention. I almost didn’t go. It was too far, would cost too much, etc. Yes, I made every excuse not to attend. However, if you have never been a part of FSAE, I encourage you to try it. There really is something for everyone.

I particularly enjoyed the closing keynote speaker, Delatorro McNeal, II, MS, CSP, who was sponsored by Partners ( He covered a variety of topics including work life balance, but the biggest take away for me was his information on sales. Continue reading “Sales Statistics You Can’t Miss”

Complainers and Non-Members Calls– A Possibly Surprising Membership Opportunity: Part 2

By: Eric Thorn

Today we pick up from our last blog left off: Non-Member Calls. In our part one series we covered difficult callers and how they can be beneficial to your organization.  We continue this series with the wrap up on how to handle calls from future members. Continue reading “Complainers and Non-Members Calls– A Possibly Surprising Membership Opportunity: Part 2”