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The Trooper Bowl

By: Shelly Sobol

This past Sunday night most of America witnessed something that has become our annual past time- watching the championship game of the 2015 NFL football season. While MVPs are regularly debated, it’s always agreed that the team wins the game. So when your team is pushed to the limit- can they pull out a victory? Continue reading The Trooper Bowl


By: Jillian Heddaeus, CMP, IOM

Each day I transition back and forth from being a coach, athlete and business professional.  While each comes with its own set of goals, tasks and challenges; the process used to work through them is the same.  As an athlete and coach, I want to WIN; as a business professional, I want SUCCESS. Below are three principles to use to help your team achieve success. Continue reading THREE PRINCIPLES ATHLETES CAN TEACH BUSINESS LEADERS