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“It’s Not That Deep” – Words I Live By

By: Shelly Sobol

Have you ever had that moment of sheer panic because something you worked weeks/months on had to be scrapped… or rearranged… or changed in some fashion outside of your control? You have? Great, join the club! Continue reading “It’s Not That Deep” – Words I Live By

How to Help Your Client Have a Successful Fundraising Event

By: Kasey Patton

You’ve heard the cliché ‘another day, another dollar’.


In the world of non-profit associations, much of the money coming in comes from fundraising, and specifically fundraising events. So how can you insure your client has a successful fundraising event? After working in fundraising and event planning for non-profits for several years I’ve found a few tips that will help ensure that they event is a hit. Continue reading How to Help Your Client Have a Successful Fundraising Event

Association Essentials – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Document

By: William Lessley



Image Author:, Creative Commons License 3.0

For a long time I used the phrase “If I get hit by a bus tomorrow…” to explain the reason for having documentation that outlines everything I do. Apparently this phrase makes some people nervous so now I’ve changed it to “If I win the lotto tomorrow…”

Working for an Association Management Company (AMC) has taught me many skills I hadn’t even thought of when I worked as part of a captive staff association. While our AMC has different departments, so much of what we do bleeds over and through every person who works here. Keeping not only members happy but also our clients happy is the job of every single person – no matter what their position. I think we’ve all been the victim of an out of date procedure manual at some point in our lives and it is not a fun place to be. Continue reading Association Essentials – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Document

Why Adults Make the Worst Students #meetingproblems

By: Kaitlyn Hudlow


It doesn’t matter if you’re presenting at a small staff meeting, or at a conference with hundreds of people, we’ve all been there where you look out into the audience and you realize maybe about 20% of the people are actually giving you their undivided attention. Continue reading Why Adults Make the Worst Students #meetingproblems

Maximizing Volunteer Effectiveness

By: Bennett Napier, CAE


Outside of having a strong membership base which is the life blood of any nonprofit, having an effective elected volunteer leadership team is crucial to the long term success of an organization.

In today’s association management environment, it is more common for volunteer board members to seek leadership opportunities that require less time for “ladder progression” to officer positions. In addition, volunteer leaders generally speaking, want to serve on a board where meetings are run efficiently (whether it be in person meetings or virtual – web and teleconference). Time is at a premium in today’s society, and association’s that have a format that does not respect or address the time expectations of leadership candidate’s risks losing potential talent. Continue reading Maximizing Volunteer Effectiveness