Spreading Holiday Cheer

By: Danielle Jessup, CMP

Holidays are a great time to show others that you care.  Whether you manage an organization of 40 members or 4,000 members, it is important to remember them during the holiday season.  We live in a world where people communicate in characters through text and emails, which are instantaneous.  Weekly, if not daily, your members are receiving emails from the association, asking them for assistance, sponsorships, etc.  To receive a note in your mailbox that doesn’t ask for anything, but instead thanks them for their hard work throughout the year and wishing them and their families a happy holiday, is a refreshing surprise.  Continue reading “Spreading Holiday Cheer”

February 14th, What Are You Going To Do?

By: Malarie Barineau

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching! Are you ready? According to the History Channel, the holiday itself dates back to the 5th century and originates from the Roman holiday, Lupercalia, and from a man named St. Valentine. If you want to learn more about the history behind Valentine’s Day check out the History Channel website at http://www.history.com/topics/valentines-day/history-of-valentines-day. Continue reading “February 14th, What Are You Going To Do?”