2016: The New Normal

By: Kristi Spargo

Change is big. Change is hard. Change is necessary. There are some people that seek change and in fact thrive on the invigorating adrenaline rush that a new direction provides. There are many more people that are fearful of disruptions to their everyday routine and dread being faced with the ubiquitous fork in the road. Yet in order to truly maximize both your personal and professional life it’s critical to learn how to embrace and incorporate change; as it will happen whether you want it to or not. As 2016 gets underway, take the opportunity to prepare for whatever changes might be ahead. Continue reading “2016: The New Normal”

I don’t deal well with change…

By: Deborah Mandel


I’m probably not in the minority when I say this, but “I hate change”. Changes, no matter how small, are usually followed by some sort of reaction from me. I have been trying to work on how I respond to change, so hopefully as my coworkers read this they are thinking to themselves, “no, not Deborah, she’s so easy-going, and accepts change with a good attitude, and doesn’t go home and scream into her pillow.” Continue reading “I don’t deal well with change…”