So You Want To Be A Rock Star – 6 Tips For A Great Job Interview

By Eric Thorn, Esq.

 The Front End

A great interview starts well before you get there.  Of course you want to dress well, present a clean and crisp professional image, and arrive on time.  Some say that if you get there on time you are already ten minutes late.  You may also want to Google your name and look at cleaning up any ill-considered social media posts that an employer may have access to if they check you out on the web.  And today, most do.  As you can imagine most employers won’t consider posts of photos of you passed out in the bushes right after winning a big chugging contest, or pictures of you reclining at the beach with the caption “I should call in sick more often” as a big plus.

You should also anticipate some of the more common questions; your biggest strengths and weaknesses, product or service knowledge, your previous successes, etc.  Continue reading “So You Want To Be A Rock Star – 6 Tips For A Great Job Interview”

Incense in the Office

By: Kristi Spargo

Appearances can be deceiving. I may be a kid-toting, CR-V driving, Sperry-shoed Type A personality, but I’ve always wanted to be a hippie artist. Tapestries, lava lamps, tie dye and incense make me really happy. Back in college, I wanted to be the girl painting on the front lawn with the flower crown, baby doll tee and peasant skirt (yes, I went to college in the 90’s). Sometimes I wonder why I never made the leap; maybe it’s because I don’t have long flowy hair, but much more likely it’s because I don’t have a creative bone in my body.

Or so I thought. A year ago I eagerly accepted a position to once again work with Partners in Association Management, this time as a magazine editor/writer, but it didn’t come without some hesitation. I knew I could handle the editing, formatting and deadlines from my previous experience working here. Nothing makes me happier than proofing, inputting reminders into Outlook and creating organization and processes. Yet the idea of coming up with feature article ideas and cover design concepts was overwhelming. That type of work was for creative people, not me. As this year has progressed, however, I have learned that I can be creative; I just need to pair the task with my methodologies. Here are some tips that have helped the left and right side of my brain work together. Continue reading “Incense in the Office”

Tips on Launching an Online Program

By: Lindsey Allbritton

As the Program Manager for a Foundation, I was recently responsible for the launch of a new Virtual Training Program. It has been quite the learning experience for someone who isn’t familiar with the backend of technology. This was a very new project for me, but knowing what I know now, here are a couple of tips I would recommend for anyone who takes on a similar project. Continue reading “Tips on Launching an Online Program”