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Affinity Programs 101 – Part II

By: Bennett Napier, CAE

Choosing Your Dance Partner

In the previous installment on this topic, the issues of structure related to non-dues revenue affinity programs were covered in depth. This installment focuses on picking the right partner to ensure long term value that enhances the association’s brand.

Setting Expectations Continue reading Affinity Programs 101 – Part II

Affinity Agreements 101

By: Bennett Napier, CAE

In association management, diversity of revenue streams is increasingly important. Making all of your revenue off of just dues or meetings/events can place an organization in a precarious position. Many successful organizations are able to not only grow revenue but also ride out lean times with affinity income, when dues or meetings revenue may see dips based on economic conditions.

However, there is a catch. Affinity programs which bring in non-dues revenue does have to be done properly due to Unrelated Business Income Tax (UBIT) regulations. Continue reading Affinity Agreements 101