Being the New Guy: The Road to Success in Your First 90 Days

By: Meghan Brasher

As most everyone can relate, starting a new job can bring on a whirlwind of emotions-excitement, empowerment, nervousness, and for some maybe even a little bit of nausea. And like most, everyone finds themselves panicking a little about how this new endeavor is going to go: Am I dressed appropriately? Are the employees going to like me? How am I going to establish myself? Did I remember to brush my teeth? Although everyone handles their new start differently, here are some tips and tricks proven to get you through those agonizing, yet very important, first 90 days. Continue reading “Being the New Guy: The Road to Success in Your First 90 Days”

How to Effectively Become the Interviewer During Your Interview

By: Lindsey Allbritton

“Where are you working now that you’re out of school?” I can’t count the amount of times I was asked this question just days after walking across the stage on that blazing August day. After working several part-time jobs (some good, some bad) throughout high school and college, I had one thing figured out: I was not going to accept a full-time position without finding 100% confidence and comfort in the interview. Luckily for me, this did not take very long, but how was I so sure? Continue reading “How to Effectively Become the Interviewer During Your Interview”